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Insects, Molluscs and other small life forms from Israel (by Oz Rittner)

Israel's Map

The location of Israel makes it a center point between Africa, Europe and Asia. therefore the Israeli fauna is very diverse and the landscape changes dramatically from north to south.

the northern area is of higher altitudes (Golan, Meron, Ramim..). the winter in the north is colder and much rainier. 

the southern part of Israel is dry and hot (most of it is a desert). the Dead-Sea area is the lowest place on earth and the water there are too salty to hold living creatures. 

beacuse of the differences in landscapes and climates each area has its unique fauna. this diversity is even more unique since you can drive throught the country from north to south in 7 hours and from east to west in only one hour.

The spring begins in March although most of the spring's creatures already appear on February. The winter begins in November thus the collecting season is very long.