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Insects, Molluscs and other small life forms from Israel (by Oz Rittner)

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Website for the Argentina fauna by Oz Rittner:





Butterflies of Israel - A Guide to the Butterflies of Israel by Oz Ben-Yehuda.



Butterflies of Cyprus - A guide to the Butterflies of Cyprus by Eddie John



Saturniidae and Brahmaeidae of Southeast Asia - A website about butterflies, moths, other insects and biodiversity in general. 


Neotropical Lepidoptera Page - Butterflies of South and Central America





Carabidae of the Word  - New and interesting Website about the Carabidae family.

Cassidinae of the World - The biggest archive of world wide Cassidinae, rich with information and high quality images.

Beetles and Rock Art in Libya - Very good site about Coleoptera of Libya which fauna is close to Israel Fauna.





The Entomological Society of Israel

Wall Plants - By Moshe Peri (Botanical Garden, Tel-Aviv University)

Zoological Society of Israel - Zoological Society of Israel website.



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