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i have found a prawn like insect,not sure what it is,

i live in the north of israel.

first glance,i thought it was a freshwater prawn out of waterr,as we live near the jordan valley.

can anyone tell me what this particular insect is..

very interested in it.

colour : brown/grey

body sections:2 head and torso

head: shield like hard external

claws: looks like a prawn's claws

legs:looks like a grasshopper


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I must say I really don't know what insect you saw.

If you took a photo of it (or if you still can do it) it will be very helpfull.



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i have taken pictures..not very clear,,,where can i email it to..?

the site only allows url's..

my email is ..please meail me your email address,,and i will send them onto u.,.i have released the insect since the first comment posted..but i am still very curious..


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Sound as a Mole cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa)

try Google to find more photos


My insects blog

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