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shlomi aharon
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hi all.
i have a comment about a beetle's name.
about the species cassida palaestina from the chrysomelidae (עליתיים) , her name was translated to hebrew as "קסידה פלסטינית".
i think that this website which is a realy scientific one, should keep its accuracy . i am aware that there is a problem with the hebrew names
in many artropodes and specialy in insects. to the point - most of the organisms that have the species name "palaestina", in translation to hebrew they get the name "ישראלי". it is found in around 20 spc of plant for example.
in addition, the name "philistaea" means "פלישתי" and refers to spc that are special or endemic to "מישור החוף".
thanks, shlomi.
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Site Owner
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Hi Shlomi,

Your are not the first one to comment about this specific name.

It is not official name as you understood.

In the translations to hebrew I try as much as possible to be as close as possible to

the latin name or if its not possible to other characters such as hostplants or distribution (mainly if its a local specie).

I will add that although the names are not official they are acceptable by the Tel Aviv university (in some cases the names are replaced after a long session there).

In some cases I also change an official name in cases it might confuse people.

A name that should be changed for example is "Karnafit Sfaradit" which may lead people to think it is a rhino beetle while it is a dung beetle.

Your comment is important for me and I think its good to have more people getting involved in this process.

I will think about it and will probably go to the direction you offer. You are welcome

to suggest ...

I welcome you to the website and forum

Best regards


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ps - very nice Scarabaeus

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shlomi aharon
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hi oz.

first, thank you for the hospitality and wellcoming.

it's intresting that there was another discussion about this beetls name. the hebrew name of species was well discussed at the 1970-80 when the need of hebrew names was felt in the  public and in the academy.

3 fantastic articals were writen about hebrew names in flowres in "רתם". i'll try to make copy of them and to send you.

there is there intresting aspects about giving name to organis.

good night and thanks again,shlomi.

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Sally Ou
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Hi Shlomi,

Your topic sounds interesting! About the "beetls" in my mind is "any of numerous insects of the order Coleoptera, having biting mouthparts and forewings modified to form horny coverings that protect the underlying pair of membranous hind wings when at rest". It belongs to an insect resembling a member of the order Coleoptera.

That's all for me.Sally

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