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Checklist of the Odonata of Israel:

Your comments most welcome


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Hi Eyal,

Congrats on the new website, seems there is a great potential to become a leading site for the Israeli nature. I would be happy to know about it more (aims ect).

Surely you are welcome to give updates about your site here as well and if I can offer any help I would do so gladly.

About the Odonata page, I would like to ask on what  did you compile the checklist. is it "Fauna Palaestina", "Odonata of the Mediterranean and North Africa" or another source?.

I ask since it includes very specific data so I must say good job!

 If you need extracts from "Fauna Palaestina - Odonata"  let me know, I have it.

I don't have yet the "Odonata of the Mediterranean and North Africa" but I plan to get it soon

since most probably it is the most recent work on our area.

Thank you for posting here and hope you will post again. I will registered to your site and will post when it will be relevant to my field of work.

Warm regards,


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Hi Oz,


Thank you for your warm welcome!

The site was originally dedicated for road killreports (it sounds weird, I know), wildlife and field reports added later. It is aim to raise public awareness for some nature conservation issues. The Odonata checklist was written by Itai Shani, I think it is based on Fauna Palaestina as well as on his findings, but I suggest asking him directly.

We will be most happy and grateful for your involvement; I have some photos of unidentified Libellulidae, we would like to add distribution maps and more –

any kind of help will be highly appreciated.





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a few more records and photos here, your comments are most welcome.


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