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Dror Melamed
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Observing Adesmia abbreviata is very common. However, recently was the first time for me to notice one specimen eating a dry leaf. It was interesting to see how it holds the leaf with its fore legs and chewing it with its mandibles.




Oz, If I am not mistaken the Adesmia photo in the site (first one in the Tenebrionidae family) lacks title of species name, you might want to add it.f

May 22, 2010 at 3:39 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Site Owner
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Hi Dror,

This photo (like in the Carabidae and some butterflies pages) was meant to be more as a headline

photo. However as you already brought it up I think these should be removed.

In general the Tenebrionidae page like many others should go through a re-decoration like I did with

the Scarabs. In order to make ID by photos easy (and not to force poor people open all photo in seperate 

I will create a gallery page for each family with all species in small photos. It will take time though...:roll:


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