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Last week I went with some friends to Neot Haqiqar with Light trap (Eylon Orbach, Benny Orbach and Guido Sabatinelli).

We were looking for a unique specie - Cyphonoxia praestabilis (Melolonthinae-Scarabaeidae). Gladly one specimen came to the light with many other moths and other Insects. It was real nice to photo the living specimen for the first time:

It is unique to the Arava valley and to Iran, Iraq what makes our population cut off from a distance. This makes it worth while

to compare specimens from the different popullations. The Genus itself has 11 species all only in the Middle East.

Another nice specie we saw was Adoretus granulifrons:

A small specie of the Rutelinae (Scarabaeidae).

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