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Does anyone know the bug type / name of the one in my profile photo ?

he came to my apartment and i was amazed by its beauty

what should i give him to eat ?

how should i treat him ? let him go or make him a new home ?

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This is "yakrunit hate'ena". a beetle from the Cerambycidae family which you can find in this site. The latin name is Batocera rofumaculata. You can give it branches of  "Te'ena" tree. It looks like a female

so if mated it can lay eggs in the branches you give it (not too thin branches).



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thanx on your answer, now i can see photos of it on google...

is there any were on this site or somewere else a guide on how to pet bugs


i mean where to put them (aquarium ?) what is the best temp and lighting, food ??

it would be great as i got fond of this "Batocera rofumaculata"

and i never imagined i would like a bug as a pet



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also i would like to know if it can carry any diseases, or can do any harm with its "little" claws

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Hi Yaniv,

You can't ask a question about all insects in general since each one is a different world all toghether.

Each one needs different habitat, moiture, temperature, food and different conditions for reproduction.

What you CAN do is:

1) start learning about the different groups (or ones you particular like).

2) use the best tool you have - the internet, to find out what are the general needs of each group.

3) do your best to identify what you find (like you just did with the Batocera) and then look it through

the internet trying to understand what is the foodplant, how long it lives, what is the distribution and waht is the habitat.

this way even if no one can help you you can try for yourself and thats always a nice challenge.

Last, you have this forum and many others in english about breeding insects so you always have options.

If I can I will help you here or for the least address you further.

Now, for the Batocera:  you can take a large jar (very large) with plastic lid (with small holes for ventilation), small aquarium is less good for this. Big plastic jars are perfect. As a substrate use woodflakes ("Nesoret") and add only a bit of water so it becomes moist. Now add a few branches of "Te'ena" and thats it.

The beetle will feed from the branches and lay on them, the larvae ("zhalim") will eat the braches from within so you will have to introduce new branches over the time but thats still far away...

Just start with this and if all is OK report here and we will go on.


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Joshua Tyberg
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Wow, I believe I saw this creature i n Hadar Haifa yesterday. I was shocked!! I had never seen such a large insect in my life. I was curious and cautious. It then started flying, and I quickly ran away! I searched the internet, and found this website! This is really awesome. Are they common in Israel?
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Well they are common mainly along the coast line, but not so common to see every day.

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