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In the middst  of summer in Israel  using net , bitting / fall trap and hand collecting ?

Thank you

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Hi Galka,

A good question with different good answers, depends on who you ask and what he is looking for!!

For me, summer is best as dusk, right after the sun dissappears!

From that time and for the following 2 hours there is a magical flight of beetles and moths you can't meet elsewhere.. (and other creatures surely but I take much less interest in them, sorry).

For example - if you set a strong white light source in this time you can find many of the evening active species, many Rhino beetles (Dynastinae), Melolonthinae, Scarabaeinae (dung beetles), Cerambycidae ect ect. Also a very large veriety of moths from Noctuidae to Sphingidae and many others.

Another way instead of using light is placing bait traps (with red wine, ripe banana, some sugar), it works not bad and can suprise sometimes real nice.

Another method is pitfall traps that can catch the non-flying species. I'm sure you'e seen these

a lot.  as for other groups, different methods are used.

For example, I use fresh cow dung as bait for Scarabaeus species in the late spring.

It works so good its like a Scarabaeus party and everyone is invited.

Maybe other will share their ways too...

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I wish to know a place and time of flight of Lucanus cervus in Israel.

In Russia and in Asia caught bugs of this sort on light and baits.


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Hi Taler,   (Are you Yuri's son?)

Lucanus in Israel is very rare and seems it is in danger. It is found in the upper Galilee area and Golan. It seems its flight

period is not the same each year and adults are recorded between June-August. 

I now passsed some information to the Nature Protection authorities in Israel regarding the protection of this specie

in shape of niche protection for its needs (tree logs should not be removed from the area ect).

I write this so you will understand this is not just specie we can collect without care. I hope you understand I'm not against collecting in general but care should be taken. This year an adult was collected and released near Mt.Meron and others

around this area and in the Golan area.

Are you specialised in a particular group? I now writing some papers with other partners (Guido Sabatinelli) on Scarabaeidae (Cetoniinae) and Glaphyridae of Israel. Any collection we can study is a great chance to learn more of each specie phenology and distribution.

If you are willing to help us it would be great and your contribution will be noted. 

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